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97pt Eponymous Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 2012

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Bob Pepi’s achievements with Napa Cabernet Sauvignon cast a shadow so large it could be mistaken for a solar eclipse.Decades of studly, inky Cabernet have come from his unique stylistic approach. Bold.  Saturated to the rim. Thickly textured and endowed with delicious, chewy tannin. Stick a fork in it! Those who’ve loved the incredible wines from Steltzner already know this guy’s M.O. Nothing but the best – and he’s saved some premium high-elevation Cabernet for the dark, blackstrap behemoth bottled for his private stash: Eponymous! 

About the wine

Atlas Peak.  Mount Veeder. Stag’s Leap. The imposing, max-concentration Cabernet that made these appellations world famous can test the will and the skill of even the most experienced winemaker.  The area near Stag’s Leap has expressive soils and high heat, created a power Cabernet cooked under pressure. Mount Veeder makes blue-black, rock-infused wine that’s as beautiful and polished as fine sculpture.  The lands near Atlas Peak contribute the earthy, menthol-tinged top notes that make a Cabernet more than just a cassis-bomb.  It becomes something that makes you want to cook, want to talk, want to rant about how dang good wine can be.  These are challenging components to wrangle but Bob Pepi leashes them together and drives them with the confidence.  Simply put, this is blockbuster Cabernet that could come from nowhere else than one of Napa’s best cellars.  

Winemaker: Bob Pepi    
Appellation: Napa Valley
- 95-97 pts: Walter Moore, WSET Diploma, CSW 
- 96 pts: Vintage Rating (WS & WA)  
- 4.3/5.0: Vivino Users (9 ratings)
- 4.2/5.0: Vivino Users, Overall Winery (380 ratings)
Grapes: 85% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Merlot  
Cooperage: 18 months in French Oak, 1/3rd new
ABV: 14.8%

About the winery

In 1966, the Pepi family bought a vacation home in Napa, thinking it would be a quiet retreat from the city life.  That didn’t last long, as Bob Pepi (father and son) established an estate winery on the property in 1980 and wrote the first chapter in one of Napa’s most famed biographies. Since then, Pepi the Younger has consulted for top wineries in California, Argentina and even emerging producers in Colorado and Texas. When he encountered sites that were distinctive but perhaps not a fit for his clients, he signed the dotted line himself and built a stable of thoroughbred sites that would become “EPONYMOUS.”  Why is it called Eponymous, you ask?  Have a look at the About the Winemaker section for that curious story. Under this new label, Pepi makes Cabernet (both Sauvignon and an excellent Franc) as well as a few vintages of a stellar, ageworthy Syrah which has since become impossible to find.

About the vineyard

This wine was made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from three distinctly different vineyard sites – one from Mt. Veeder, one from the bench lands below Atlas Peak appellation and the last from the valley floor on the east side of the valley, bordering the Stags Leap District. 2012 was the best vintage in a few years, with a long growing season that allowed for “near perfect” hang-time which, along with the moderate heat, aided in even maturation.  The result was good ripe fruit at moderate sugar levels.

About the winemaker, Bob Pepi     

Bob Pepi is something of an icon in Napa winemaking.  Like Gary Farrell and a few others, his name was downright mythical after a golden run into the mid 1990’s and he sold the rights to his name and started his own winery called “Eponymous.”  Neat trick – but he was able to continue to work his winemaking magic in covert fashion, notching two Wine Spectator Top 100 placements as well guiding Whitehall Lane and Conn Creek to stardom.  With his place in Napa history firmly assured, Pepi has become quite selective about his present-day projects, including having a little fun making wine for racecar legend Mario Andretti.. 

95-97 points, Walter Moore, WSET Diploma, CSW

"The color of this wine is remarkable. It has a blackish glow that comes from intense mountain-grown Napa Valley Cab. Saturated and scrumptious! Everything that I want about great Cab is in here - tannic structure, richness, graphite-licorice-blackcurrant-loam potpourri. Napa Valley floor vineyards cannot hit this kind of saturation and intensity, this is clearly from sturdy mountain vineyards. Without a doubt, this ages 12-15+ years easily. There are $500 wines that don't do it this well. For now, decant it with a rack of lamb. Impeccable stuff."


Other Details

Alcohol percentage:
One of Napa’s Most Admired Winemakers Shares His Private Mountain Cabernet Stash.
2012 Mt. Veeder! 97pt Eponymous Napa Cab- Broad-Shouldered & Classic
2012 Mt. Veeder! 97pt Eponymous Napa Cab- Broad-Shouldered & Classic
Personal Cab from Steltzner’s Wmkr
Muscular Mount Veeder-based Cab
The Stags Leap masterpieces from Steltzner are but an appetizer for Bob Pepi’s profound mountain Cabernet, EPONYMOUS!
The Stag’s Leap masterpieces from Steltzner are but an appetizer for Bob Pepi’s profound mountain Cabernet, EPONYMOUS!
2017-5-8 23:59:00
#review=Walter Moore, WSET Diploma, CSW:
95-97 / 100
#review=Vintage Rating (WA & WS):
96 / 100
#stars_review=Vivino Users, (4.5):
#stars_review=Vivino Users, Overall Winery, 4.2 (380 ratings):
2017-4-19 00:01:00 -8:00:00
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Steltzner’s Maestro Bob Pepi: Final Cases of Inky Napa Cabernet

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