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96pt Cesari Amarone Classico 2012

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The newest vintage of Cesari’s Amarone is their most satisfying yet. Bigger, richer and chewier than the 2010 - which was an all-time Vivino favorite.  The warm 2012 vintage provided over-the-top ripe blueberry flavors packed with strong tones of dark chocolate, fig, mocha and black pepper.  This has heft and depth in a way that matches most producer’s Riserva bottlings.  Cesari’s Amarone gives you a second helping of everything – just like an Italian grandmother, and does so at a price that embarrasses the competition.  There’s no better bang for the buck than Cesari Amarone!  

About the wine

Lovers of Italian wine pine for Amarone – the King of Venetian wines. A big comfy chair, some dark chocolate – and a glass of liquid velvet. Unfortunately, limited land, challenging production methods and insane demand keep these wines rare and expensive. Why is the wine considered such a delicacy? Because the grapes are dried after harvest, dramatically reducing yield by the same ratio the intensity is increased. The best Amarones have an unreal savory richness that can’t be duplicated anywhere else in the world. Just take a look at how it’s made and you’ll see why so few people can duplicate the Amarone magic: The grapes to be used in the Amarone production are harvested 1-2 weeks earlier than those for the Valpolicella wine. During the grape harvesting, only perfectly unblemished and dry clusters are selected and placed in shallow cases in single layers. They are left to dry in selected well-aired locations, called “fruittai where the drying process lasts until the end of January. From here, an extended fermentation on the skins slowly draws out massive extraction and depth of flavor. Then the wine is aged for over two years in varying barrels and bottle before it’s authorized for release. Whew!       

Winemaker: Franco Cesari  
Appellation: Veneto
- 96 pts: Julie Tesar, Certified Sommelier 
- 4.1/5.0: Vivino Users (620 ratings)
- 4.2/5.0: Vivino Users, All Vintages (6861 ratings)
Grapes: 75% Corvina Veronese, 20% Rondinella and 5% Molinara.   
Vineyard: Negrar, Marano di Valpolicella, Sant’Ambrogio, Fumane, San Pietro in Cariano (the historic area of Valpolicella Classico production).
Cooperage: 12 months aging in a combination of French oak and larger barrels 
ABV: 15%

About the winery

Founded in 1936 by Gerardo Cesari, Cesari Amarone has gone on to become the most recognized Amarone wine in the world. His son Franco travelled the world in the 1970’s, behaving like a manic evangelist on behalf of Amarone. Thanks to him, Cesari Amarone was the first wine of its type to be served on every continent! Nowadays, the winery has one of the most sophisticated cellars in the world, responsible for preserving the excellent concentration and ultra-fine texture that people expect from Cesari. Over the decades, Cesari has become not only a superstar producer in Italy, but also the winery beloved globally by Amarone hounds – because Cesari is alone in delivering exceptional wine at fair prices.        

About the vineyard

Cesari’s vineyard holdings include three top-quality crus that are the envy of many - Bosan, Il Bosco, J̀èma and Cento Filari. These three vineyards are located in choicest areas of the Valpolicella appellation and they are Cesari’s booster-pack of sappy, earthy flavor. These vineyards grow the region’s authorized grapes - Corvina and Rondinella as well as some Molinara Their Amarone della Valpolicella Classico is made from hand-selected Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grapes that are placed in open crates and then dried for 4 months in the traditional appassimento process.     

About the winemaker, Franco Cesari 

Franco Cesari inherited the dream of making world-class wine from his father Gerardo. In the 1970’s, he assumed control over the winery after having spent many years carefully apprehending the traditional techniques. Making Amarone is a tricky proposition – to make this delicacy, a winemaker has to throw convention out the window. Early harvests, long drying of grapes, extended fermentations and long aging are but a few of the unusual steps Franco must take en route to finishing his acclaimed Amarone Classico. Along with his longtime enologist, Luigi Bemmi, Franco focuses on the traditional wines of the Veneto – including some single vineyard Amarone “cru” wines that are truly breathtaking in their concentration. Franco’s wines are known for being sumptuous, complex and best of all well-priced.             

96 points, Julie Tesar, Certified Sommelier

"Luscious with rich, expressive notes of baked blueberries, cherries, black plum, and anise make this a spectacularly generous Amarone. Sweet, spicy notes of cinnamon, clove, cardamon, chocolate and espresso converge with supple texture and opulent fruit to great effect. Classic dried fruit aromas of fig, prune and raisin alongside earthy notes of leather and tobacco create an alluring depth. Incredibly rich, round and lush this would be an excellent wine for rich holiday meals or with moroccan spiced braised lamb, roasted game or strongly flavored, mature cheeses."

Other Details

Alcohol percentage:
Traditional Power & Richness in the 96pt Cesari Amarone Classico!
96pt Amarone: Plush, Inky Decadence fr The First Family of Amarone
96pt Amarone: Plush, Inky Decadence fr The First Family of Amarone
Loaded w Italian Style and Savory Depth: The Robust Cesari Amarone
Immense Value for Velvety Amarone
Top Producer w 70+ >90 ratings
Highly rated by both critics & Vivino users, Cesari’s plump, chewy Amarone’s a decadent treat for Italian wine lovers.
2017-7-15 23:59:00 -08:00
#review=Julie Tesar, Sommelier:
96 / 100
#stars_review=Vivino Users, 4.1 (620 Reviews):
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96pt Amarone Classico fr Cesari! Few Hours Left

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