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96+pt Marchesato Degli Aleramici Brunello di Montalcino 2011

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“Can’t get any more Sangiovese than this!” exclaimed Vinous reviewer Ian d’Agata. So true, Ian – and lovers of top-notch Brunello are bound to have a love affair with the excellent Aleramici wines. There’s nothing like them at their peak – suave, savory and overflowing with flavors that take our brains to happy places. Aleramici’s a Montalcino star drawing comparisons to the greats like Biondi-Santi and Poggio di Sotto!   

About the wine

Aleramici’s Brunello comes from one of the region’s famous vineyards called “Il Galampio” – a 9ha farm of the world’s most delicious Sangiovese that is nestled inside a protected national park. Made in a resolutely traditional style, their wines are rich with flavor, but also unmistakably Italian. All of the plump and sexy Brunello fruit is kept in traditional Italian botte barrels, leaving the fruit to develop extra savory flavors of mushrooms and fennel salami. Wow, is this ever delicious stuff! With plenty of stuffing and structure to go the distance, this is a sweet-spot drinker from the 93pt 2008 vintage. Long gone is the youthful angularity, replaced with pure satin on the palate. Nothing can make a good dinner taste great like traditional Brunello and Aleramici is right there with the big dogs of the appellation. This tiny but immaculate estate is right near Frescobaldi’s famous Castelgiocondo property as well as Antinori’s Pian delle Vigne! One can taste the refinement in this wine that is the trademark of Enzo Tiezzi, the 55-year veteran winemaker responsible for so many great Banfi and Argiano Brunellos of yore.

Winemaker: Enzo Tiezzi   
Appellation: Brunello di Montalcino  
- 96+ pts: Julie Tesar, Certified Sommelier
- 95+ pts: Andrea Bricarello, Decanter (2010 vintage)
- 95 pts: Michael Garner, Decanter (2010 vintage)
- 95 pts: Ian d’Agata, Decanter (2010 vintage)
93 pts: Vintage Rating 2011 (WE) 

- 4.2/5.0 Vivino Users (57 ratings) 
Grapes: Sangiovese 
Vineyards: Il Galampio    
Cooperage: 36 months in traditional botte.   
ABV: 14%

About the winery

Marchesato degli Aleramici was founded in 1986 and is located in Camigliano, within the confines of the Il Bogatto national park. This bucolic and protected setting is home to one of Montalcinos premier micro-producers. Aleramici continues the labor-intensive and generations-old methods of winemaking which produce even greater quality than their famous neighbors at Antinori and Frescobaldi. High praise, but within Italy, fully recognized as fact. Aleramicis known for always doing things the right way and showcasing the personality of Montalcinos West Side, where the marine influence is more pronounced, adding a delicious savory complexity that the other Montalcino sectors just cant match.    

About the vineyard

“Il Galampio” is the pride and joy of the Marchesato degli Aleramici estate, a 9ha golden filet of Sangiovese that provides wines with sublime balance. That’s thanks to the gentle slope that fans out from the edge of a forest, facing east and west. The grapes here get a nice and slow ripening season, allowing the complexity of flavors to outpace sugar development. The vineyard slides down the slope all the way to the banks of the Ombrone river, whose proximity helps to temper away any wild summer heat. That’s a win – and Aleramici Brunellos boast major depth without knockout alcohols.

About the winemaker, Enzo Tiezzi 

In 1959, a young man named Enzo Tiezzi was hired to plant the vineyards at Poggio alle Mura, the vineyard that was to become Banfi’s crown jewel in Montalcino. He went on to work there 14 years, earning his doctorate and becoming a remarkable font of Brunello knowledge. From there, Tiezzi went on to Col d’Orcia and then Argiano for 15 years – for those counting, he’s now at three decades of experience making Brunello – and not even into the 1990’s yet! Tiezzi assisted many other wineries get their quality production going and even went on to become the President of the Consorzio di Brunello, overseeing the region’s upgrade to DOCG, Italy’s highest wine standard. He even successfully lobbied to create DOC’s for Rosso di Montalcino and Orcia, lifting these wines out of obscurity. Now something of an Emeritus, Tiezzi makes the wines at Aleramici as well as his own namesake estate.

96+ points - Julie Tesar, Certfied Sommelier

"Supple, elegant and captivating, this is a Brunello to relish while it gracefully commands your attention. Lovely notes of orange peel, hints of balsalmic and espresso course through a delicious core of ripe red cherry, tobacco and dried herbs. The texture is silky with fine tannins and balance. Enjoy with roasted quail, grilled lamb chops or pasta with a hearty bolognese. Drinking exceptionally well now and will continue to develop for the next 3-5 years..”

Other Details

Alcohol percentage:
Made by “The Godfather of Brunello”! Mature 2011 Aleramici Brunello from Tiezzi!
96+pt Brunello di Montalcino! Single-Vyd Stunner with Cellar Age!
96+pt Brunello fm Banfi and Argiano Master Enzo Tiezzi! Sweet Spot Drinking!
Complex, Traditional Brunello
15+ Ratings of 90+pts
“Can’t get any more Sangiovese than this!” exclaimed Vinous reviewer Ian d’Agata. So true, Ian – and lovers of top-notch Brunello are bound to have a love affair with the excellent Aleramici wines. There’s nothing like them at their peak – suave, s
“Can’t get any more Sangiovese than this!” exclaimed Vinous reviewer Ian d’Agata. So true, Ian – and lovers of top-notch Brunello are bound to have a love affair with the excellent Aleramici wines. There’s nothing like them at their peak – suave, s
2017-7-18 23:59:00
#review=Julie Tesar, Certified Sommelier:
96+ / 100
#review=Andrea Bricarello, Decanter (2010 vintage):
95+ / 100
#review=Michael Garner, Decanter (2010 vintage):
95 / 100
#review=Ian d’Agata, Decanter (2010 vintage):
95 / 100
#review=Vintage Rating 2011 (WE):
93 / 100
#review=Vivino Users (57 ratings):
4.2 / 5.0
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